Department of Logopedics (Speech and Language Therapy) and Communication Ability Studies


The Department of Logopedics (Speech and Language Therapy) and Communication Ability Studies gathers experts focusing on all components and forms of verbal and non-verbal communication and its disorders (including developmental and acquired learning disorders or physiology and pathology of the orofacial area), on specialized issues of symptomatic speech disorders in individuals with primary disabilities or disease (including syndromes related deficits and multiple disabilities) and on communication specifics of individuals from culturallylinguistically diverse environment (the issue of bilingualism, communication specifics in migrants and others). It guarantees a unique five-year master’s degree study “Speech and Language Therapy”, which, inter alia, meets the requirements for further implementing of graduates in the health care and medical oriented institutions (see e.g. ).

All academic staff of the department participate, to various extents, in pedagogical, scientific and research, consulting, publication and project-related activities, inclusive of lecturing and educational activities in co-operation with professional as well as the general public (including expert and scientific societies and non-governmental and non-profit organizations), and closely cooperate with the educational and clinical institutions, both in the Czech Republic and worldwide.

The department also acts as the guarantor of teaching and instruction of specific techniques, methodological procedures and systems (teaching communication systems and techniques for individuals with symptomatic speech disorders, and alternative and augmentative communication), and in co-operation with the departments abroad it researches, develops and verifies new unique techniques and systems (e.g. myofuntional orofacial disorders, voice disorders ). Simultaneously, emphasis is placed on mastering the use of special instruments and aids, many of which are available directly at the department.

Furthermore, the department provides instruction under selected modules for foreign students in the English, German and Russian languages. However, with regards to certain specific topics, communication may also be in Slovak, Polish, Spanish, French, or the sign language.

Head of the Department

  •  Assoc. prof. Kateřina Vitásková Ph.D.

Members of the Department

  • PhDr. Renata Mlčáková, Ph.D.,
  • PhDr. Alena Hlavinková (roz. Říhová), Ph.D. (maternity leave)
  • Mgr. Lucie Kytnarová (roz. Šebková)
  • Mgr. et Bc. Jana Tabachová