Department of Sensory Disorders

The activities of the Department of Sensory Disorders are performed by professionals in various aspects of sensory impairment – persons with visual and hearing impairment and persons with deafblindness.
The large number of activities of the Department including provision of services, education and diagnosing persons with sensory impairment require academic staff with extensive expertise, which the employees of the Department meet in terms educational, research, publication and counselling activities.
The academic staff of the Department are involved in teaching students of both full-time
and combined study, as well as of lifelong learning courses in Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral programmes. The courses are delivered in the Czech language, but the Department also runs accredited courses in English, German and Russian.
The academic staff of the Department are also able to provide interpreting and courses in sign language, sign Czech language, tactile sign language for persons with auditory impairment. For persons with visual impairment the employees of the Department provide classes of spatial orientation, independent movement and guiding.